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You might already know that our communities thrive because of the character  qualities of those in leadership.

Covenant Community Schools (CCS) minister to families by providing more than just academic and physical education for children.  Serving as an alternative to daycare, our preschools reach children as young as age two.  We have both developmental as well as advanced learning to read programs to meet the needs of children with different learning styles and abilities.  Christian character training, academics, and physical education equips our students for life and the rigor of a Bible-based high school college preparatory program.

Our students develop into self-starting individuals capable of advanced achievement while discovering their God-given gifts and talents.  We weave leadership training and Christian ethics into every course in our high school graduation plans.  Consequently, our graduates compete favorably with peers and espouse the values we need in churches and communities where they will serve in the future.

That is our mission.  You see, at CCS, we believe that God has called us to bring up Christian leaders ready to serve in our community whether their families can afford private school tuition or not.  Families who have the means carry the full financial burden, but families in need qualify for scholarships that pay up to one-half tuition.  This practice helps to level access to Christian education for families of all income levels.

However, keeping tuition low in a rapidly growing ministry with a goal of making private Christian education affordable to all comes with a cost.  To make the needs-based scholarship program work, we must have continual support.   Providing quality educational facilities, cutting-edge curriculum, and research-based professional development to our staff are investments beyond the scope of funding for our general operating budget.  Bequests, endowments, and regular donations fund the infrastructure we need for this aggressive ministry plan.  Please consider becoming a CCS Donor-partner!


  • One-time gifts enable us immediately replenish funds used in the current year for needs-based scholarships.  To make a one-time donation, go to
  • Monthly gifts provide stability and help us forecast scholarship availability for the future.  To set up a monthly gift amount, send your pledge to
  • All donations are fully tax-deductible.
  • You may also send your donation to Covenant Community Schools, 14 Chisholm Trail, Round Rock, TX  78681.  May God bless you!

Thanks for your partnership!

Covenant Community Schools is a division of Covenant Christian Church, 14 Chisholm Trail, Round Rock, Texas 78681.  Covenant Christian Church is an IRS-recognized 501 (c) (3) Texas nonprofit organization.  All donations are fully tax-deductible.  For more information on our scholarship and sponsorship programs, please contact our program administrator at 512-255-7676 or email your request to