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Every child is unique

Believing that, we strive to provide an educational environment through the lens of a Christian Worldview to suit the individual needs of every student at Kingdom Heights Christian School.


“Imagine a school in which the students are so excited about school that they can hardly wait to get there every day.”

They arrive to an environment in which they do not sit in wooden desks all in a row for hours a day, rather a sofa, pappasan chairs, bean bags, and comfortable desks placed where they feel most comfortable. They learn in comfort, each according to his/her personal preference.

“Imagine having few or no ‘discipline problems’ because the students are so engaged in their studies that those problems disappear.”

They are not pressured to ‘perform’ to the standards of the other students, only to do their personal best to honor the gifts and talents bestowed upon them by their Creator, God.

“Imagine joining other parents in calling, sending notes, or coming to the school to share the dramatic changes they are witnessing in their children”.

Students who are showing newly found enthusiasm and excitement for school, a desire to work on projects, research and get involved in their communities after school and on weekends.

Imagine your students rapidly excelling in reading, writing, speaking, listening, researching, scientific explorations, math, theology, Christian Worldview, multimedia skills and more!  Even better, having your child exhibit the Christian virtues of patience, compassion, love, obedience and service in his/her own life.

If you can imagine your child in this non-traditional, non-confrontational and non-conformist, modern classroom Kingdom Heights Christian School is the school for your child! We are committed to developing the whole child – academically, spiritually and physically – so that each student is equipped to build and expand the Kingdom of God. We are training champions for Christ!

Since its founding in 2009, Covenant Community Schools has emerged as a voice of education reform in Round Rock, Texas. Covenant Community Schools support individualized, student-centered, mastery-level education from a biblical worldview.

At Kingdom Heights Christian School every child is an ‘honored’ student. Call us at (512) 255-7676 to schedule a tour of our campus.