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Answered Prayers

For a few years, we did a lot of searching for the right school that would teach our child Christian views and that would work with him at his pace with his education. In 2012, our prayers were answered and we enrolled our son into KHCS. He started kindergarten there in 2013 and just in that first year, he learned to read at an advanced level because his teacher (Mrs. Stone) saw his potential and kept encouraging him to read at higher levels to fulfill his desire and need to want to learn more. She also encouraged him to learn other academics at his pace so that he would continue to grow in his knowledge every day.

…they truly love each child in their school and always pay attention to the needs of each child individually.

Mr. and Mrs. Wright saw the potential in our son, as well, and, after praying and much thought, it was decided that our son was ready to move ahead in his grade level by one year. The fact that they saw the potential in our child, like we did, spoke volumes. It shows my husband and myself that they truly love each child in their school and always pay attention to the needs of each child individually.

Our son is now reciting Bible verses each month and truly loves reading and quoting verses from the Bible and loves to spread the word of God to others. My husband and I take joy in knowing that God lead us to this wonderful school to raise our son, and that he is able to share our Christian beliefs and have the ability to speak about the word of God during school hours. That is all we have ever wanted and God has truly answered all of our prayers by leading us here.

Our son’s current teacher (Mrs. Garrett) continues to work with our son and encourages him to learn at his pace so that he always stays focused and feels challenged every day. Our son loves this school. Every staff member, parent, child, etc. makes this school feel like a big family. That truly makes my husband and I feel secure in knowing that our son is happy and fulfilled each day that we drop him off for school.


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