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Project-based learning at KHCSWelcome to the First Kinder Project Page

A Short Story of Project-based Learning

“First Kinder” originally began as a fictitious, student-run company sponsored by Dr. Terry Wright in 2016 as a project-based learning tool for her class.  The first project the “company” engaged was picking, shelling, and bagging pecans to sell as a fundraiser to provide Thanksgiving dinners to needy families in our area. The young entrepreneurs were able to fund several dinners that first year out of the profits of pecan sales.

Inspired by their great success, the students (5 – 7 year-olds)  met with Covenant Leadership to petition the building of a chicken coop and yard big enough to raise enough chickens to produce at least a dozen eggs per day.  Their prayer is to pay off the cost of the chicken coop and fencing by late spring in order to fund many more Thanksgiving dinners by the fall of 2018.

Well, that’s the story of “First Kinder.”  We thank you for your support project-based learning and your commitment to Christian education!  Visit our Donation and Store sites below.

The Adventures of Will and Cookie

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Sponsor a Chicken

Currently, First Kinder has committed slightly more than $1,300.00 to building a chicken coop and buying 15 chickens, 13 of which survive today.  When you sponsor a chicken, you make it possible for us to provide a quality agricultural education to your children.  All donations are fully tax-deductible you’ll get pictures of these feathery friends directly to your inbox when you donate.  Each one has a unique personality.  Your information is secure when you donate using our donation box through PayPal (below) or you can donate by mail or in person at Kingdom Heights Christian School.

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Fresh Eggs

Do you love eggs, but hate the price for organic eggs in the grocery store?  Buy eggs here and support feeding our beautiful hens!  We feed our cage-free hens fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts, and quality layer feed.  We do not use chemicals, hormones, or pesticides in our chicken yard and coop.  Most of our chickens are young and just beginning to lay eggs.  So our egg supply is limited, but growing.  All egg purchases are filled in the order received.  We will notify you when your eggs are ready for pick up in the school office.  Thank you for your support and don’t forget to bring us your empty egg cartons!  We’ll recycle them!  Order below online using our secure PayPal site or place your order in the school office at Kingdom Heights Christian School.

One Dozen Eggs
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